How does the chart work?

If millions of viewers are repeatedly watching videos from a YouTube channel, you can bet it’s on the charts. Screenchart! ranks the most watched channels of the week. The No.1 slot is reserved for the top channel that was the most viewed channel during the past last 7 days! All positions on the chart are ranked in descending order according to their total weekly video views.

Some channel positions doesn't look right. Why is that?

Viewer's interest changes all the time. Since the countdown is based on viewership and not by subscription, a channel position on the charts may shift slightly or drastically week to week. Factors for this change may include, but not limited to the following; a viral or sensational video, a sudden surge or loss of subscribers, a channel lack of impressions or activity.

Where does this information come from?

Channel's statistics are pulled from YouTube's public API. Data is also retrieved from third-party statistical websites and in house manual counting is done on some channels.

How to get a channel (or my channel) on the countdown?

Anyone can submit a channel to be listed on any of the charts. Just make sure they follow the following standards: 1. Channel must be in the English language. 2. Content creator (s) must be 16 years of age and older. 3. Channel is recommended to generate at least 80,000 - 100,000 views per week.

Screenchart! will then review the channel submitted for any community guidelines violation. If accepted, the channel will be listed on the chart .

Contact us by using the contact form, email us, or send us a direct message from any of our social media: instagram or twitter.

Why a channel is not listed anymore?

A channel may be removed from any one of the countdowns for any of the following reasons that may include: 1. Channel violated the community guidelines. 2. Channel new content is not relevant to the countdown category anymore. 3. Channel has not uploaded any new content for 5 months. 4. Channel had peaked at No.1 on the countdown over 50 times. These applies to all charts except the 'Must-Watch' countdown.

Are worldwide channels included on the chart?

Yes. As long as the channels are in the English language, the country of orgin doesn't matter.

When is the Screenchart Hot 200 Channels (and other charts) updated?

All countdowns are updated Sunday. The time usually varies from early morning to late evening. In very rare cases the chart updates are shifted to Monday or Tuesdays. Follow screenchart on their twitter account for any unordinary changes and get alerted when the charts are updated.

What does "Most Watched" mean?

"Most Watched" refers to channels whose videos earned a significant amount of views throughout the charting week (Saturday to Friday). Videos uploaded on Friday will have their views numbers calcuated for the current charting week until midnight after which the views from that video will be calculated to the following week's chart update.

How is the countdown calculated?

Screenchart calculate the total video views from a channel throughout the charting week from both archive and current videos. The estimated total is displayed only on the Top 100 Must Watch chart.

Community Guidelines

Screenchart! has its own set of rules and regulations before listing any channel on their countdowns. A channel may not appear on any chart or may be removed if two or more of it's videos violates any one of the following:


  • No Pornography.
  • No use of hate speech or racist speech or threatening actions towards an individual with intent.
  • No criminal mischief that violates local laws.
  • No instuctional or demonstrated use of guns.
  • No content creators under the age of 16.
  • No channels dedicated to infants or pre-schoolers or toddlers.
  • No major musical artists / vevo channels.


  • Compilation channels dedicated to one or more content creator(s) are not permitted.
  • Most reaction channels are not allowed.
  • Channels whose videos lack interest or dislike by viewers may be removed.
  • Content creators who dispaly significat signs of metnal illness or unstability may be unlisted.
  • Content creators who are actively being investigated by local police, federal or FBI for any suspected criminal activity may have their channel withdrawn.