About Us

Screenchart! is an American weekly countdown that centers primarily on popular content creators. Screenchart! follows some of the most recognized channels from around the world, but mostly channels based in the United States. Screenchart! was created in the summer of 2013 and today track hundreds of channels across four chart categories:

Hot 200 Channels countdown (since 2013)
Ranks a variety of popular YouTube channels like comedy, parody, vlogs, dance, sketches, news, reviews, science, education, technology, beauty tutorials, top 10s, Do It Yourself, travel, food, short films, art projects and experiments.

Top 100 Must Watch Channels (since 2016)
(formerly Greater Audience). Ranks the channels of recognized and popular brands and companies.

Hot 100 Gaming Channels (since 2016)
Ranks the leading gaming channels in the video game community that contain at least 75% of voice over video game play.

Hot 100 Muscle Health and Fitness channels (since 2017)
Ranks exercise and nutritional advice channels that contain at least 75% of ftiness related topics and videos.

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