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Winners was announced on Sunday February 13 2022



" Channel Awards" is an annual honor recognizing content creators for making significant contributions to online entertainment across numerous categories on Presented by of the United States, the "Screenchart! Channel Awards" honor artistic entertainment in editing, graphics, and video quality in the online video recording community. This is regardless of channels subscribers or views of videos.

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Best Male Personality

Awarded to the leading male content creator of a channel.

Best Male Performance

Awarded to the supporting male featured in a video.

Best Female Personality

Awarded to the leading female content creator of a channel.

Best Female Performance

Awarded to the supporting female featured in a video.

Best Duo, Group or Collaboration

Awarded to collaborative efforts between lead content creators or with featured guests in a video.

Best Musical Performance

Presented to the performer(s) of a song where the lead content creator contributes at least 51% vocals.

Best Short Subject Series

Presented to a recurring titled series.

Best Mini-Series or Short Film

Presented to a short form film or serial.

Best Production Design

Presented to the artistic achievement in production design.

Best Editing

Presented to the technical achievement in editing.

Best Writing

Presented to the outstanding achievement in writing.

Best Creative Concept

Presented to the creative achievement of a non-adaptive work.

Best Directing

Presented to the technical achievement in directing.

Best Video Blog Channel

For outstanding content in personal video documentation

Best Special Class Channel

For outstanding and unique content that does not fall into other established categories.

Best Special Interest Channel

For outstanding content in news, reviews or opinions.

Best Educational / Learning Channel

For outstanding content in education.

Best Channel

Award for outstanding Youtube channel of the year.

Best Feature

Award to Producer(s) and Executive Producer(s) of a long-form series, film or documentary.

    William Spjut, George Verschoor; Executive Producers;
    "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" (Netflix)
  • Adina Pliskin, Alfredo Saldana; Producers;
    Matthew Hobin, Daniela D'Angelo; Executive Producers;
    "Fresh, Fried and Crispy" (Netflix)
  • Wesley Ichishita; Producer;
    Rhett Bachner, Brien Meagher, Melissa Stokes, Audrey E. Smith, Claire Kosloff, Lauren Riihimaki; Executive Producers;
    "Craftopia" (HBO Max)
  • Rhett Bachner, Patrick J. Doody, Brien Meagher, Scott Mlodzinski, Rosanna Pansino; Executive Producers;
    "Baketopia" (HBO Max)
  • Jennifer Davisson, Ari Hyman, Tim W. Kelly, Phillip Watson, Stephen David; Executive Producers;
    "Beyond the Spotlight" (Curiosity Stream)

There is only one eligibility requirement for consideration: A channel must be listed on the HOT 200 Channels countdown during the prior calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). There is no entry for submission. Videos from the channel listed on the Hot 200 chart are reviewed then five finalists and one WINNER are chosen by an invited group from around the world.