Must Watch 100 Channels

In addition to having high viewership retention and brand recognition, channels listed on this chart also tend to be advertising friendly.

For the week ending July 25 2021

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HOW THE CHART WORKS: This week's most popular channels are ranked by their past 7-day total video views. The countdown is not based on the number of subscribers. Weekly data are collected from Saturday to Friday then the chart is updated on Sundays. A new channel is added to the countdown every month. All channels must upload videos in order to be listed on the countdown or will be removed due to prolonged inactivity. A channel is considered inactive after 5 months from the last uploaded video. Don't see your favorite channel? It may be listed on our other charts.

MORE ABOUT THE CHART: New channels arrive on the chart all the time. Here you can see what's new this week and browse the top most viewed channels throughout 2021 and more. This chart does not represent all of YouTube. Selected channels are based on popularity which can be subjective. is based in the United States. The charts include international channels. Published by Screenchart! for entertainment purposes. Channel titles and graphics are the properties of their respective owners. Screenchart! is an independent website which is non-affiliated with YouTube or any multi-channel networks.