Press Release | The Top Channels On YouTube Countdown
February 20 2019 - Channel Awards 6 winners

The 6th annual Screenchart! Channel Awards were on Sunday, February 17th, 2019. They were announced all day on, twitter, and Instagram. Here are highlights from the awards list:

Jack Douglass's JacksFilms channel took home two Channel Awards, including the big prize of Channel of the Year and Best Creative Concept for his YIAY video "Don't Photoshop Our Wedding Photo". Todrick Halls’ “Forbidden” took home three Channel Awards, including Best Female Performance for co-star Jade Novah, Best Directing, and Best Mini-Series or Short Film. Lilly Singh and her Superwoman channel earned two Channel Awards, including Best Parody - New Approaches for "Freaky Friday" featuring James Charles and Best Female Personality. Rudy Mancuso won two Channel Awards, including Best Musical Performance for the song “Magic”and Best Duo, Group or Collaboration shared with Juanpa Zurita.

Other winners include breakout star, Gus Johnson who won Best Male Personality. Wassabi won Best Video Blog Channel. Matthew Santoro won Best Special Class Channel and Niomi Smart won Best Contemporary Lifestyle Channel.

AsapScience took Best Educational /Learning Channel while Michael McCrudden 's Before They Were Famous channel won Best Special Interest Channel.

Read the full channel awards list here

January 21 2019 - Channel Ratings Enters BETA mode for the HOT 200 Chart

This week all channels appearing on the HOT 200 countdown will have their own parental rating. This rating system was first announced in 2017. Today, in beta mode, the ratings are show for each channel on the HOT 200. A few changes have been made. Discriptive rating like 'languge' and 'sex' have been removed. Instead the rating indicates who the channel targets. hat does not want to do is censor a content creator creativity. The raing system is divided into 4 diviisons. Everyone - for all ages. Teen - for older childre. 16+ - for young adults and Mature - for adults only.

Throughout the year, this system will expand to other charts and will update depending on the creator upload content.

January 7 2019 - Channel Awards 6: And the nominees are...

Nominations for the Screenchart! annual Channel Awards were announced on Sunday afternoon on

Visual effects channel, "Corridor", walked away with a leading seven nominations. Screenchart!, the website behind the Channel Awards, also awarded "Todrick Hall" with six nods mostly for his short film "Forbidden". Additionally, "Channel Awesome", "Tom Scott" and "Wong Fu Productions" picked up four nominations."Rudy Mancuso","Smosh" and "The Game Theorists" scored three nominations, as did YouTube veteran "Nigahiga" and "Wisecrack".

The channels nominated for the big prize for Best Channel are "Tom Scott", "Smosh", "Superwoman", "Wisecrack" and "Jacks Films".

Read the full list of the Screenchart! Channel Awards 6 here

December 30 2018 - Look Back: 2018 No.1 Chart Leaders on the HOT 200 Channels

The year began with vine star turned YouTube phenomenon Logan Paul and his channel 'Logan Paul Vlogs' dominating the chart. The channel popularity was hit with a massive scandal, which generated a record-setting 100 million views in a week. However, the ride wouldn't last as the channel has dipped in views. 'Logan Paul Vlogs' spot at the top ended with 11 peaks at No.1 on the HOT 200 channels.

After the Logan Paul controversy, apology video and the following break from YouTube , 'Lucas and Marcus' took over the No.1 spot on the countdown. The twins, also former Vine stars, reign over the countdown with 24 peaks at No.1 - the longest so far this year.

However, the twins could not stop the dominant force of 'David Dobrik' and his vlog squad. The Liza Koshy former boyfriend took over the last third of 2018 - reigning, so far, 22 peaks at No.1 on the HOT 200 channels countdown.

December 23 2018 - PewDiePie Reaches No. 1 On The Greater Audience Countdown For The First Time With Big Week For The Gamer

‘PewDiePie’ surges after his reaction to this year’s YouTube Rewind. Plus, 'David Dobrink’ matches fellow vlogger 'Roman Atwood Vlogs’ record for the most peaks at No.1, while the Channel Awards 6 nominations are on the way.

It’s no longer a gaming channel, 'PewDiePie’ becomes the first channel to top two seperate charts as his channel reaches the summit of the Greater Audience countdown. The channel previously peaked on the HOT 100 Gaming chart for 31 nonconsecutive weeks before retiring and transfered to the 'Greater’ countdown.

December 2 2018 - David Dobrik Tops Hot 200 For Eighteenth Week, 'Because Science' Hits Countdown

David Dobrik vlog channel leads the Screenchart! Hot 200 channels (dated Nov. 25) for a eighteenth week, down 0.8% after its first full week of tracking. Earlier last week Dobrik nabbed American model and television personality Kendall Jenner for a special cameo in an epic surprise video for one of his best friends.

Meanwhile, 'Because Science' debuts at No. 105 Hot 200. Hosted by Kyle Hill, he was named as one of the top 20 science communicators to follow in 2013 by WIRED Magazine.

November 25 2018 - After Professing His Love To lifestyle Vlogger Bethany Mota, 'The Dominic Show; Jumps 80+ Positions On HOT 200 Channels!

We're not crying you are! Dominic 'D-Trix' Sandoval scores a huge leap on the Screenchart! Hot 200 channels (dated Nov. 18), as his channel "The Dominic Show" rockets 82 spots through the chart to land at No. 65, arriving as the top-jumper of the week. This channel big move after D-Trix latest -- almost 10 minutes -- video about his current relationship with fellow YouTube star Bethany Mota. Watch: "She said yes"!. Bethany channel also recieved a big climb upwards on the chart, moving 150 - 84.

November 4 2018 - 'Cody Ko' Scores 1st Top 20 Peak With Self-Titled Channel.

On the latest Screenchart Hot 200 channels chart (dated Nov. 4), 'David Dobrik' claimed a fifteenth peak atop the list, earning 46,000,000 views in the week ending Nov. 2 (down 4.3 percent), according to channel statistics from Social Blade.

'Cody Ko' collects his 1st top 20 channel on the Screenchart HOT 200, as the channel bows at No. 16 with 7,000,000 views earned. Contribution to the channel views this week, including videos such as "Tik Tok is trolling me" and "THAT'S CRINGE: Girl Defined (Part 2)" featuring Noel Miller.

October 28 2018 - 'David Dobrk' Channel Earns Fourteenth Week at No. 1 on Screenchart 200 Channels, 'Binging with Babish' Debut at No. 27.

Recent 2018 Streamy award winner for First Person, 'David Dobrik' channel holds steady at No. 1 on the Screenchart HOT 200 Channels countdown for a fourteenth week, earning 49,000,000 video views in the week ending Oct. 28 (up 36 percent). In addition to winning the First Person award at this year's Streamys, his channel also won Ensemble Cast for his Vlog squad. 'David Dobrik' is the third vlog channel with the most number of peaks at No. 1 behind 'Roman Atwood Vlogs' (21 Peaks) and 'Casey Neistat' (15 Peaks).

At No. 27 on the new Screenchart HOT 200, 'Binging with Babish' a cooking channel created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea enters with 5,000,000 video views. Part chef and part visual effects artist, Andrew Rea is a full-time YouTube phenomenon who gained fame for recreating food from TV and movies. His sometimes yummy, sometimes disgusting dishes have helped his 'Binging with Babish' channel rack up more than 3.3 million subscribers. 'Binging with Babish' was also nominated at this year's Streamy Awards for Best Food Channel.

October 3 2018 - Weeks At No.1 To Be Reduced.

The retirement number of peaks a channel can reign at No.1 is now 52! That's equivalent to 52 weeks in one calendar year. This new number reduces the count from 56 and will take effect immediately. This update applies to all the charts on Screenchart, but does not effect the channel that's closer to the original 56 peak status. As before, channels that reaches the milestone are still transferred to the 'Greater Audience' countdown.

Look out for at least four new channels to be entered on the HOT 200 channels in the month of October. 'Vsauce 3' is the latest channel to leave the countdown. The two time Channel Awards nominated hit educational channel peaked at No.38!

July 8 2018 - 'The Key Of Awesome' ends run on HOT 200. Plus a new Twich countdown?, 'Dope or Nope' joins the countdown, and Colleen Ballinger sets new record after pregnancy annoucement.

'The Key Of Awesome' formerly, Barely Political and Barely Production had its last week on HOT 200 Most Watched Channels countdown. After more than 10 years and 5 million subscribers, the musical sketch comedy channel closed it's door earlier this year after a shocking announcement video from creator Mark Douglas.

'Awesome' has had its share of huge successes over the years. Including being one of the first channels on Youtube to have multiple viral videos. The channel eventually peaked at No.3 on the HOT 200 and still hold the record for the most nominated channel at the Channel Awards with 14 nominations and 3 wins including one for Best Channel.

'Dope or Nope' (not to be confused with the Smosh Games series of the same name) is a comedy unboxing channel. The types of videos he does are Strange Amazon / Chinese / Walmart / Target / Toys "R" Us Products and more. The channel consists of Matthias reviewing products comedically. Each video he will have a person in the 'fire seat' who have bought the products and tests them if they are harmless projectile weapons. (

The channel debuts at No.22

A new countdown to be featured on Screenchart! based on the gaming platform Twitch in the works? This week this new chart is in talks with the editor as a possibility, possibly by next year.

After the huge pregnancy announcement from actress and YouTube star comedian Colleen Ballinger, both her highly successful channels 'Miranda Sings' and her self-titled channel propel into the top 10 of the HOT 200, setting a new record for a single creator to have both a main channel and a secondary channel rank simultaneously in the top 10.

June 24 2018 - 'Sexplanations' debuts on the HOT 200 countdown. FIFA beats WWE reign at No.1 for the first time in months.

Sexplanations is sexedutainment for the universe hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, directed and edited by Matthew Gaydos, and produced by Hank Green. The show is designed around the 4 minutes model of YouTube EDU to share incredible knowledge while inspiring the audience to stay curious.

Dr. Lindsey Doe the host is also a doctor of human sexuality who runs a private practice in clinical sexology where she works directly with clients on their sexual health goals. She also travels internationally speaking to various campuses and conferences about her work and curiosity.

Sexplanations debuts at No.113

After 36 consecutive weeks at No.1 WWE record has been broken. The FIFA channel jumps 11 - 1 this week as the Word Cup festivities kicked off earlier this week.

The channel collected over 230 million views from highlights of some of the biggest football matches that was played this past week.

June 3 2018 - 'You Suck At Cooking' joins the HOT 200 countdown. A 'What's Hot' segment to be launch.

You Suck at Cooking is a satirical Cooking Show on YouTube. How satirical is it? Well, for starters, the show is literally called "You Suck at Cooking", and in it, the nameless, faceless host routinely does things like rolling watermelons into a wall so they explode into peas and crushing radishes with a hammer so they turn into red skittles, all with the most straight face (read: voice) possible by human and inhuman standards. So yeah, it's pretty safe to say that we all know where we're headed.


'You Suck At Cooking' debuts at No.128

Screenchart! is an American weekly countdown that centers primarily on popular content creators. Screenchart! follows the most recognized channels from around the world, but mostly channels based from the United States. is set to feature a section called 'What's Hot' to display what was some of the most watched videos from channels on the countdown every week. Each chart shall have it's own 'What's Hot' location.

The first chart to implement this feature will be the'Greater Audience' countdown.

May 13 2018 - Screenchart has a new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, effective May 20, 2018

Screenchart! always try to keep all our countdowns refresh with new channels added to the chart as often as possible. To make this more effective, channels that have amounted to more than 30 million subscribers are now transferred to the 'Greater Audience' countdown. We believe channels like these, have achieved a position most are aiming to become. Therefore they are considered a global entity along with brand channels.

To be clear, none of Screenchart! countdowns are based on subscriber numbers. However large subscribing channels cannot be ignored. We believe this step will allow us to make the playing field a bit more level for all channels.

The second update refers to channels whose content no longer fit the category of the countdown where they are listed. We understand content creators must adjust their content to meet their audience. However, extreme adjustments will have to be evaluated. An audit and decision will be made to whether allow the channel to stay on the chart. Or be removed. Removed channels may be transferred to another chart but we cannot confirm the period of time it will take to do so. However, any channel may follow up by using any one of the contact method listed on our contact page.

Screenchart! is an American weekly countdown that centers primarily on popular content creators. Screenchart! follows the most recognized channels from around the world, but mostly channels based from the United States.

May 6 2018 - 'Eh Bee Family' takes the No.1 spot on the 'Hot 200'. New policies for the 'Gaming' and 'Muscle' countdowns.

YouTube first family and former Vine stars land their first No.1 peak atop the HOT 200 countdown this week as their channel rockets 4 - 1 after the huge success of their 'Fortnite' dance-themed videos.

Family friendly comedy channel on YouTube that includes vlogs, skits, challenges and much more. The Eh Bee family first found fame through the later defunct video platform Vine.

The original 'Vsauce' will be removed from the HOT 200 chart next week. After 5 months of inactivity channels on the countdown are considered abandoned. 'Vsauce' the Award winning educational channel also has a YouTube red series called 'Mind Field' now on its second season.

Begining this month, only a single new channel will be added to the 'Gaming' and 'Muscle' countdown. Previously two channels were accepted on the then-new charts every month. The change comes as the charts begin to adopt the main chart format and policy.

A decision regarding 'PewDiePie' on the gaming channel has been made and will announce next week.

April 8 2018 - Ex Vine superstar 'Thomas Sanders' joins the Hot 200; Impressive week for Shots Studios stars' Rudy Mancuso and Hannah Stockings

Thomas Sanders is an American YouTuber who was known for making videos using the now-defunct video hosting service, Vine which made him surpass over 1,000,000 followers in October 2013. He was the winner of the 2014 Favorite Vine Celebrity Contest, edging out Britney Furlan and was also named Best Viner at the 2016 Streamy Awards.

Thomas Sanders channel lands at No.79 for his first week on the chart.

Shots studios had a very busy week with two of its major stars with a pinch of help from multi-platinum singer Justin Bieber.

Both Rudy Mancuso and Hannah Stockings YouTube channels had videos this week that quickly rocketed up the trending list which featured the famous Grammy award winner; Justin Bieber. First Rudy Mancuso had the 24-year-old pop star make a cameo in his latest video called "Racist Superman" that showcased many multiple versions and stereotype personalities of the beloved DC superhero. Bieber took it back to his Canadian roots and played a very interesting take on Superman if he was from Canada. The huge success of this video help Rudy Mancuso channel climb from no.21 on the Hot 200 channels to land at No.9. This makes Mancuso first appearance in the top 10.

Another trending video that features the "Friends" singer is a lyric video uploaded to Hannah Stocking channel. Justin does not actually appear in the video, but lend his vocals on a song called "Hard 2 Face Reality". This song is from record producer Poo Bear who is well known for working with Justin Bieber. This video also pushes Stocking Youtube channel into the top ten at No.6

April 1 2018 - Former Vine start Rudy Mancuso lands on the HOT 200 countdwn
March 11 2018 - Screenchart! countdown updates return after hiatus; brings new channels with comeback.
February 11 2018 - Rosanna Pansino wins 'Best Channel' at the Screenchart Channel Awards!
February 4 2018 - 'FOXY' makes her debut on the HOT 200 countdown

Content creator who posts comedy sketches on her F0XY YouTube channel, which has earned more than 120,000 subscribers. She has a secondary channel strictly for her vlogs called F0XYtv, which has over 25,000 subscribers.

'FOXY' debuts at No. 195

January 7 2018 - 'Crash Course' and 'Superfruit' tops Channel Awards 5 nominations. Logan Paul ears 100 million views in a week.

Nominations for the Screenchart! Channel Awards 5 were announced this week on and on their Twitter and Instagram. "Crash Course" and "Superfruit" leads the channel categories with four nominations each.

Read the full list of nominations here:

Jorge Munoz (JR Munoz)
Reggie Couz (Reggie Couz)
Josh Leyva (Josh Leyva)
Eric G. Ochoa (SUPEReeeGO)
Daniel M. Keem (DramaAlert )

"You Know You're Mexican if (Part 9)" (SUPEReeeGO)
"Balcony Conversations" (Life According to Jimmy)
"Growing Up Mexican CHRISTMAS EDITION" (David Alareezy)
"Crazy Things Girls Expect In Relationships" (IISuperwomanII)
"Crash Course Film History" (Crash Course)

Rachel Levin (Rclbeauty101)
Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
Jaclyn Glenn (Jaclyn Glenn)
Ingrid Nilsen ( Ingrid Nilsen)
Naomi Smart (Naomi Smart)

"My Foster Kid is a MESS!" (Brandon Rogers)
"Squashing The Beef " (Life According To Jimmy)
"Dogs Don't Get Girls! " (Wong Fu Productions)
"Hype Man Boyfriend"( Josh Leyva)
"Getting Through A Bad Date" (Josh Leyva)

"5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love" (IISuperwomanII)
"Tiny Chicken Nugget Challenge" ( iJustine)
"Evolution OF Lady Gaga" (Superfruit)
"Seeing Other People" (Hannah Stocking)
"Childbirth Simulator" (Thatcher Joe)

"Vacation" (Superfruit)
"Be My Boo" (Mystic Got Jokes)
"Break Free" (Taryn Southern)
"Hide & Seek " ( Cameron J)
"Facts" (Matthew Santoro)

Fine Brothers Entertainment
Rosanna Pansino
The Key of Awesome

Kandee Johnson
Tanya Burr

Chris Stuckmann
Philip DeFranco
Jaclyn Glenn

Geography Now
Crash Course
Physics Girl
Minute Physics

In other news. YouTube star and current No.1 YouTube Channel on the HOT 200 countdown, Logan Paul, despite the recent controversy surrounding a video uploaded earlier this week that made international headlines. His vlog channel subscribers has more than doubled and his channel total views for this week has mass over 100 million views. This is the first time a Channel on the HOT 200 have accomplished such achivement.

December 31 2017 - 'MKBHD' soars to No.32 on HOT 200 countdown

Marques K. Brownlee (born December 3, 1993), also known by his stage name MKBHD, is a video producer, vlogger, host, and internet personality, best known for his technology-based YouTube channel, MKBHD. The channel was named after his initials and HD for high definition. As of November 2017, the channel has over 5,000,000 subscribers and over 70 Million total video views. The channel is said to be one of the fastest growing channels and one of the most subscribed-to in the technology industry. In August 2013, Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President, Social for Google, called Brownlee "the best technology reviewer on the planet right now."*

'MKBHD' enters the coundown at No.32

December 24 2017 - 'Simply Nailogical' debuts on HOT 200, Rating age to increase

HOT 200 channels welcome one of the latest addition to the chart and one of the last channels to be added in 2017, "Simply Nailogical". YouTube content creator and Instagram phenomenon who is best known for her nail art tutorials. Her posts on the networks have resulted in more than 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Simply Nailogical lands at No.22

The rating system for late teens to be increased from "16+" to "17+". This is to give the sexual references and aspects of some videos that are approaching the "M" rating, a bit more lenient with their content. This new update will take place in January.

December 3 2017 - 'Logan Paul Vlogs' soars to No.1 on HOT 200 Channels

Exciting news for Logan Paul as his vlog channel finally enters the HOT 200 countdown by skipping all 199 positions to land at No.1. In fact, Logan Paul sets a new record for this achievement, by breaking the previous record held earlier this year by another vlogger, veteran Roman Atwood, who had entered the chart at No.2.

Logan Alexander Paul is American YouTube star and actor. Logan started his career as a Vine creator and began creating YouTube videos on his current YouTube channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, following Vine’s closing. Logan Paul currently has over 14.1 million subscribers and over 2.6 billion views on the channel along with having many more followers on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. His channel is within the top ten fastest growing channels on YouTube in 2017.

Network affiliations to be undisclosed. In the upcoming weeks, all network affiliations on all channels spanning all four charts on will no longer be displayed to the public.

Possible new Channel Awards category in talks. The "Best Writing" award may be split into two categories or renamed for the upcoming Channel Awards 5 in February. "The Writing category needs more definition," says the editor of He is undetermined if that award should be a 'writers' award or a [video] concept recognition. The public will find out the decision before Dec 31. One week shy before the channel awards nominations to be announced.

October 22 2017 - 'Sugar Pine 7' debuts at the countdown. 'David Dobrik' leads coundown at No.1

David Dobrik reaches the No.1 peak on the HOT 200 Channels for the first time! In July he debuted at No.2 but has always thwarted the top of the countdown by his peer competitions. A former Viner himself, Dobrik joins the list of former Vine stars who are doing very well on the Hot 200 chart. Including girlfriend "Liza Koshy" (peak no.2), twins "Lucas and Marcus" (peak no.1), top family "Eh Bee Family" (peak 2) and a plethora of others from the defunct app on the chart.

Joining the countdown this week is recent Streamy Award winner channel, "Sugar Pine 7". Sugar Pine 7 is a YouTube group founded by Steven Suptic an American skit creator and vlog maker. He started off as a Minecraft Youtuber, co-hosted the gaming channel SuperPanicFrenzy with Reina Scully, was a host on SourceFed, and now does "alternative lifestyle" videos on his personal channel.

Sugar Pine 7 won Show Of the Year at this year's Streamy awards and debuts at No.96 on the HOT 200 Countdown.

October 1 2017 - 'Lucas and Marcus' jumps 2 - 1 for first No.1 week on countdown! 'Laura Clery' enters HOT 200 countdown

Well, hello there. Hey, guys. How are you? I missed you. I haven't spoken to you guys since August. But that doesn't mean I wasn't here behind the scenes. Working and tinkering away on the website. I was your Little Finger working pulling all the strings in your kingdom. But I assure you my intentions are always good.

So in September, I went to New York and when I came back a hurricane was waiting for me. Oh yes, Hurricane Irma. It didn't do much damage to many business and homes in Florida. But it did knock out the electricity to 90% of the state. That was crazy. And in my area where I lived, the hurricane didn't even affect us much. Just strong winds and rain. A lot of trees got knocked over but that was the worst of the intensity. Not to ignore any other part of the state which got hit the worst. Especially the Florida Keys. Which was totally destroyed.

Well, that was my September. It sucked. How was yours?

In Screenchart! related news. I do have a few updates and changes you all may be interested to hear.

First is the LISTED poll which is on the HOT 200 Channels chart and the gaming chart will be discontinued, at least for the HOT 100 Gaming channels chart. I think I will discontinue it all together, but the Gaming chart will be first and then eventually phase it out on the main chart. The reason I created it in the first place, was originally it was just to be for the HOT 200 chart, and as the other countdowns were created I decided to place it on there too, but as a smaller version. I thought, or my original plan was that it would help the smaller but popular channels compete with the big subscriber's channels because I didn't want just the channels with 5 or 6 million subscribers to take all the spots on the countdown. With LISTED, people would vote for who they wanted. But as participated dwindle down. I was making the decisions anyway so I didn't really need it. And the Muscle and Greater audience charts don't use it and they're doing fine. Another thing I noticed, was that some channels were actually being abandoned, so the poll was becoming a graveyard of dead channels from the waiting area. They died just being waited on to be called. Which didn't make much sense to me. So effective immediately, the channels will be added to the Gaming chart every month, as usual, only this time, it would be done solely by myself.

Next thing I want to talk about was that the charts are being updated! Not the front end, I don't think you guys would see any much of a change, but in the backend, I'm revamping the way I push the countdown out every Sunday. Nothing to worry about, nothing will change, just developers stuff that I would do on my end so that it's easier and a faster way for me to work smart, not hard.

Next, I want to talk to you about, is to say Congratulations to Lucas and Marcus! Their self-titled channel just reached the NO.1 spot this week as the most watched channel on the HOT 200 countdown. The twins joined the chart earlier this year and after a strong debut, they have always remained somewhere in the top 10. And this week they finally made the jump from 2-1 and I am so happy for both of them.

By the way in October, since there are some inactive channels across the charts, I'll be replacing them with new channels every week. Similar to what I did earlier this year. Only now it would be for all charts, sitewide.

And finally, speaking about new Channels. Let's extend a warm welcome to the lovely Laura Clery. I never knew her name, but I am familiar with some of her videos. And I do think she was on Vine. Let me read her Wikia. It says: "Laura Clery is a famous American YouTube Star and also a popular Actress too. She gains huge fame from her comedic videos which she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel along with her boyfriend."

Good for here. Well, Laura, welcome to the family and may we join you on your huge success.

That's all I have you. Thank you guys for reading and watching, and I'll talk to you next time.

August 20 2017 - 'KSI' takes first No.1 on HOT 200 Countdown. Adding new channels to the countdown changes back from weekly to monthly

'KSI' earns his first No.1 on the Hot 200 Channels! KSI is a YouTube and social media phenomenon, particularly in the UK, who has amassed more than 16 million YouTube subscribers. He is known for his FIFA, football, music, and comedy content.

Three new channels were added to the countdown including;

Dianna Cowern an educational YouTuber known as the 'Physics Girl' who showcases cool ways physics are used in everyday life. One of her most viewed videos is titled "Crazy pool vortex."

Norman Caruso, widely known as the 'Gaming Historian', he has garnered widespread popularity for his YouTube channel of the same name. He has earned renown for his intricate documentary-style covering of the history of video games there.

Filmmakers, Jack & Dean, a comedy duo who joined YouTube on December 17, 2008. They uploaded their first video, called "Jack and Dean Celebrate Christmas," a week later. 'Jack & Dean' channel surpassed 550,000 subscribers in May 2017.

Over 10 new channels were added to Hot 200 Channels during the past two months. This higher than normal number stems from inactive channels being removed from the countdown. As of now, all channels and their videos are up to date. Screenchart! return to adding a new channel every month.

To see all the channels have been removed from the Hot 200 check out the records page.

July 28 2017 - 'Lucas and Marcus' lands strong debut on HOT 200 Countdown

'Lucas and Marcus' hav earned over 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube. They are both dancers. They first gained fame on the 6-second video app Vine. Their Twinbotz account amassed more than 1.7 million followers.

The twins lands at No.3 on the HOT 200

July 18 2017 - 'David Dobrik' debuts at No.2 on the HOT 200 Countdown

'David Dobrik' ties with 'Roman Atwood Vlogs' record to land at No.2 on the HOT 200 countdown. 'David Dobrik' becomes the fourth channel of 2017 to have a very strong debut into the top 10. He's also the latest former Vine start to find success on Youtube. YouTube star from Chicago, Illinois who has accumulated over 4.5 million subscribers to his self-titled channel. He was also popular on the 6-second video app Vine, where he earned more than 1.3 million followers. 'David Dobrik' debuts at no.2.

While we celebrate ''David Dobrik' success on the HOT 200, we must say goodbye to the following delisted channels: 'ConvosWith2YrOld', 'The Natural Rants', 'Charles Alatorre' , 'Life with Jc', 'ERB'

June 25 2017 - 'Reggie Couz' added to HOT 200 Countdown

Musician and social media star who became known for creating comedic characters on Vine, where he accumulated more than 3.9 million followers. He also has large followings on YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. 'Reggie Couz' YouTube channel debuts at No.99

June 17 2017 - '4Yall Entertainment' De-listed from HOT 200 Channels, 'PewDiePie' may be removed from HOT 100 Gaming channel.

One of the most prominent black duo on YouTube (formerly a quartet) has left the countdown. Once their channel for sketches and skits, brothers Jae and Trey Richards have moved their focus to their growing vlog and podcast-like channel. The '4Yall Ent' channel peaked at #10 at its height in popularity.

Is Pewdie Pie still considered a gaming channel? For a noticeable amount of time, the most Subscribe channel has not been playing games on his 'gaming channel'. Instead, he's most focus on sketch and commentary on popular topics. This defeats the definition of the HOT 100 Gaming channel countdown that lists channels containing more than 50% of gameplay. A decision will be made to remove 'PewDiePie' from the Gaming countdown and potentially be enlisted on the HOT 200 channels.

June 3 2017 - 'Best Video' category removed from next year Channel Awards. 'Pointless Blog' delisted from HOT 200 Countdown. 'Hannah Stocking' landes debut on chart

After much debate the category for 'Best Video' will be no longer be a part of the Annual Screenchart! Channel Awards. This stems from the decision that the award no longer holds merit as an elite award for the finalists in that category. 'Best Video' has been a part of the awards' event since it's inception. The removal returns the number of categories to 20

'Pointless Blog' is delisted from the HOT 200 countdown. At the height of the channel's popularity, it peaked at No.28

'Hannah Stocking' Instagram star and model with over 7 million followers on the platform. She first gained recognition on Vine, where she earned more than 950,000 followers. 'Hannah Stocking' debuts at 27.

May 27 2017 - 'Ray William Johnson' delisted from HOT 200 Countdown. 'My Life As Eva' enters chart.

YouTube sensation, Eva Gutowski, known for her channel 'My Life As Eva' where she posts lifestyle videos. She has accumulated nearly 8 million subscribers. Eva is also well known for her beauty and fashion makeup tutorials which consist of makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials for young adults, teens, and tweens."My Life As Eva" debuts at No.69 on the HOT 200 Countdown.

An era has ended. YouTube Celebrity and comedian, Ray William Johnson who became famous through his YouTube show, Equals Three, in which he provides humorous commentary on viral videos has been removed from the HOT 200 countdown after 5 months of inactivity. Not a stranger from topping the chart, 'Ray William Johnson' peaked at the No.1 slot twice and nominated for 3 Channel Awards, including twice for 'Best Special Interest Channel'.

May 14 2017 - 'Weirdest News' enters the countdown, Screenchart! Research Initiative (SRI) to implement rating system and audience estimation

Formerly called, "The Prank Reviewer" the rebranded channel is now known as "Weirdest News". Hosted, by Ruben he describes the channel as "dedicated to Covering Weird News from around the World....After accomplishing my goal as The Prank Reviewer, I decided to rebrand the channel to something that I think the subscribers would enjoy."

Now over a year ago, 'The Prank Reviewer' channel was a major whistleblower of exposing many popular YouTube prank videos as fake and allegedly ending their careers in the now dying format.

'Weirdest News' debuts at No.156

This week, Screenchart! is launching a Research Initiative called SRI. This program will review all channels and videos appearing on the charts. As many in the Youtube community are experiencing a decline in revenue from brands pulling their advertisement from controversial videos, the SRI will make it easier and clearly define channels for digital marketing managers. The purpose of the SRI is not to divide the community into good or bad, but to further show advertisers in depth what viewers watch the most. At the end of the research, the program will determine the average age ranges of viewers and the content of Youtube channels videos.

The first chart the SRI will review is the HOT 200 and the other charts will follow later in the year.

May 12 2017 - 'Brandon Rogers' debuts on the HOT 200 countdown

Brandon Rogers formerly known as hotbananastud, is an American YouTuber, actor, director and artist who is best known for videos where he impersonates various comedic characters. In the past he posted vlogs, but now posts mainly sketches and episodes for various web series

Brandon Rogers lands at No.27

April 28 2017 - Screen launches 'HOT 100 Muscle Health and Fitness' countdown, Channel Awards categorey 'Best Video' to be renamed

After a long two-year shelf development, Screenchart finally launches its fourth countdown: the 'HOT 100 Muscle Health and Fitness' chart. Which features 100 of the top and most popular excerise and nutrietian advice channels in the work out categories. 'Christian Guzman' reigns at No.1 for the chart ingural week. Followed closely by Kai Greene.

An award inside the next Channel Awards would have a new name. "Best Video" will now be known as "Top Video". This is to clearly define the nominees and recpient of the award. 'Best Video' does not represent all of YouTube or video of the year. But more as the most favorite video in terms of creativity, writing and entertainment. It represent all categories an flavors.

April 16 2017 - 'Scarce' joins the HOT 200 Countdown. Number of peaks at No.1 increased. Should Gaming Channel follow the same rules as the HOT 200? Muscle, Health and Fitness chart launches next week

John Scarce, also known as Scarce is a YouTube news producer known for making daily videos about news and drama on YouTube and Twitter. John opened his channel in early 2012 making Call of Duty gameplays.In late 2015, Keemstar was getting more and more popular. So was Scarce, and he got a big advantage when GradeAunderA shouted him out in one of his videos, claiming he was better than Keemstar and everyone should subscribe to him, boosting his subscriber count, leading him with more subscribers than Keemstar. Scarce debuts at No.46.

Channels reaching the No.1 position on the HOT 200 Chart will have a longer stay at the top. The number of peaks increased from 41 to 56.

Should channels on the HOT 100 Gaming chart follow the same rules as the HOT 200 Countdown? In most ways they do. However, when it comes to the length at No.1 - I'm considering keeping the channels on their current chart without transferring them to the Greater Audience countdown. The reason because gaming channels popularity does not necessarily have multi-platforms to be considered an outlet to target a large audience other than their niche market.

Screenchart! is set to welcome a new chart next week. It's called the 'Muscle, Health and Fitness' countdown. The chart will cover channels that inspire, vlog or train subscribers.

April 8 2017 - Vine Star 'Liza Koshy' joins the HOT 200 Countdown

Elizabeth "Liza" Shyla Koshy is a 20-year-old YouTube personality and Vine star. With over 5 million Vine followers and 8 million YouTube subscribers, Liza is one of the most popular social media personalities and also has one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels of all time, gaining around 5 million subscribers in less than a year. She is currently dating fellow YouTuber and Viner David Dobrik.

With over 8 million subscribers and 600 million views, Liza is quickly becoming one of the most popular stars in social media today. In 2016 she also made TV debut in the show Freakish and also made her film debut that year as Aday Walker in Boo! A Madea Halloween.

Liza Koshy enters the chart at No.6

Marh 26 2017 - 'LLS' lands on HOT 200 countdown

YouTube Duo Noah and Ryan better known as 'LLS' (Love Live Serve) enters the chart at No.72

March 11 2017 - 'KSI' Hot Shot Debut on the countdown. 'FouseyTube' removed for inactivity.

Gamer turned variety channel, KSI debuts at a strong No.8 on the Hot 200 Countdown. The English YouTuber recently overhaul his channel content and remove many of his older videos. Olajide Olatunji was born and raised in England and, when first starting YouTube, lived with his parents in London alongside his brother, Deji.

After 5 months of inactivity, Channel Award nominated and controversial YouTube channel, FouseyTube, was removed from the HOT 200 countdown. Ther former No.1 Channel last uploaded was in October 2016.

Screenchart! is still reviewing increasing the number of times a channel can peak at No.1 on the HOT 200 before transferring it to the Greater Audience chart. Currently, this does not apply to Gamming chart.

Speaking of charts, the long awaited Muscle and Fitness countdown is still being configured and the first publish date is unforeseen. Please follow screenchart! on twitter for the most recent updates and announcements.

February 26 2017 - Roman Atwood Sets New Record with New No.1 Channel with Blog Channel. 'LaurDIY' makes its debut!

Roman Atwood earns his first No. 1 peak with second channel on the Screenchart! HOT 200 chart (dated February 26) as "Roman Atwood Vlogs" leaps 2-1 following a hot shot debut last week.

Atwood sets an all new record for having two channels reaching the top of the same countdown. Previously, his prank channel peaked at the No.1 position 5 times on the countdown (It was eventually removed due to inactivity).

The last creators to almost reach that feat by having two different channels peak at No.1 were Jesse and Jeana's 'Prank vs Prank' (peak no.2) and 'BF vs GF' (peak 1).

Meanwhile on the chart, 'LaurDIY' by Lauren Rihimakii lands at No.16 for her first entry on the HOT 200. LaurDIY, is a American/Canadian fashion vlogger and DIY specalist. Riihimaki is a popular Youtuber, with over 2 million subscribers.

February 19 2017 - Roman Atwood Vlog Channel Makes Record Debut on the HOT 200 chart

Former prankster turned video blogger, Roman Atwood makes his debut back onto the HOT 200 channels. His vlog channel 'Roman Atwood Vlogs' lands on the countdown at No.2 - the highest first-week debut of a channel to the chart. This beats Casey Neistat record whose first-week position was at No.13 in 2015.

Atwood may also create a new chart record by having two channels peaking at No.1. His former prank channel (removed from the chart for inactivity) peaked at No.1 five times.

The 3 Channel Award winner, has found much success in his vlogs, more so than his prank channel, even with both with over 10 millions subscribers. Roman Atwood Vlog channel is expected to reach the No.1 peak next week.

Adam Saleh prank channel has been removed from the HOT 200 countdown for inactivity. He peaked at No.27.

February and March are looking to be two pretty active months with expected five new channels to be entered within the upcoming weeks.

February 12 2017 - 'Smosh' and 'Epic Rap Battles' win big at the Screenchart! Channel Awards 4

There were a few surprises in online media for the top award. The duo from “Good Mythical Morning,” hosted by Rhett McLaughlin, and Link Neal, beat such tough competitors as “Epic Rap Battles of History,” “Smosh,” and “Crash Course” to take 'Best Channel' of the year.

The morning show also walked away with 'Best Special Interest Channel' snatching the win away from "The Phillip Defranco Show" who won the award every year for the past 3 years.

The only other channel to walk away with two awards was "IIsuperwomanII". Lilly Singh took 'Best Female Personality' and 'Best Production Design' for her video 'Voices'.

However, it was two channels that took the most wins from the annual award event. As an award favorite for a successful season, "Epic Rap battles Of History" got 'Best Female Performance' for Mamrie Hart performance in "Gordon Ramsay Vs Julia Child". 'Best Duo, Group, or Collaboration' for the rappers themselves, Peter Shukoff, Lloyd Ahlquist and 'Best Musical Performance' for their music video "J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin".

Smosh for the first time ever, won a few Channel Awards this time after many years of multiple nominations. The YouTube veterans won 'Best Short Subject Series' for "Every Blank Ever", 'Best Writing' for their video "If Tv Shows Were Real 3" and 'Best Video' for "Every Prom Ever".

Other award winners include Casey Neistat for 'Best Editing', iJustine for 'Best Video Blog' and Grace Helbig for 'Best Contemporary Lifestyle Channel'.

January 22 2017 - YouTube bug delays chart, 'Daym Drops' enters HOT 200, Channel Awards fun facts

A bug in YouTube view count has inflated channel views that incorrectly posted higher than normal figures on many channels. Screenchart as work intensively to make any corrections by manually reviewing each channel on the HOT 200 Channels chart which led to a delay early Sunday Morning. This was successfully resolved. However, Screenchart was not able to confirm the figures on the 'Greater Audience' chart so the number for this week chart was withheld. This does not affect the positions of any of the channels appearing on the chart. The 'Greater Audience' countdown publicly displays the weekly channel views figures. The 'Gaming' channels chart was not affected.

Popular American food critic 'Daym Drops' makes his debut on the HOT 200 channels. He initially gained popularity on the video-sharing site YouTube for his video review of a Five Guys takeout meal, which spawned a viral online song by the Gregory Brothers.

The Channel Awards is two weeks from now. Here are some fun facts you may not know about this year's nominations. 'Josh Leyva' has been nominated every year for 'Best Male Performance'. He also set a new record; for the first time the same person is nominated for all three individual awards; 'Male Personality', 'Male Performance' and 'Duo, Group and Collaboration'. Epic Rap Battles of History has been nominated every year for 'Best Musical Performance'. This is the first time legendary beauty guru Michelle Phan is absent from any nominations. 'The Philip Defranco Show' has been nominated every year for 'Special Interest Channel'. This is the first time 'Kingsley' is nominated. He's up for 'Best Short Subject Series'. Same for 'That Dude McFly' which has one recognition for his short film 'Last Hustle In Kensington'. The first time one channel takes nearly all 5 nomination positions is this year where 'Schmoyoho' is nominated for 4 channel awards all for 'Best Parody'. Jaclyn Glenn has the fifth nominated position in that category. A category for prank channels is no longer included for this channel awards. Prank channels creators are migrating to vlogs and the authenticity of pranks have been diminished. There were to be two new categories this year. Along with 'Best Feature' which honors YouTuber's movies or series, another new category recognizing foreign channels was scrapped after consideration that many creators move from their home country for work. The winners of the channel awards will be announced on twitter and

A new chart is planned for this year. The 'Muscle, Health and Fitness' countdown will list the HOT 100 Channels in this genre. A planned music chart is off the table.

January 15 2017 - 'Smosh' leads the Screenchart! Channel Awards nominations

Smosh leads the nominations for the 4th Channel Awards. Announced last week on and twitter, the winners will be reveal on Sunday, February 5th.

The veteran YouTube channel has 6 nominations including BEST DUO, GROUP OR COLLABORATION for the duo and their new team. BEST SHORT SUBJECT SERIES for 'Every Blank Ever'. BEST EDITING for 'Human Pokémon Battle (Pokémen)'. BEST WRITING for 'If Tv Shows Were Real 3'. BEST VIDEO for 'Every Prom Ever' and for the first time BEST CHANNEL. Their second feature film 'Ghostmates' is also nominated BEST FEATURE.

Epic Rap Battles of History has 5 nominations each including BEST DUO, GROUP OR COLLABORATION. BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE for Mamrie Hart work in their music video 'Gordon Ramsay Vs Julia Child'. Two nominations for BEST MUSICAL PERFORMANCE for 'James Bond vs Austin Powers' and 'J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin' and 'BEST CHANNEL'.

Channels with 4 nominations each include IISuperwomanII, Wong Fu Productions, Todrick Hall, The Game Theorists, Crash Course and Schmoyoho.

See the full list of nominations here

December 18 2016 - 'Michelle Phan' exits the Hot 200, 'Kandee Johnson' makes her debut

We say goodbye to a very special YouTube veteran channel, Michelle Phan. The beauty channel, created by the now successful entrepreneur, Michelle Phan has come to an end of her reign on the HOT 200 Channels. Michelle Phan has revolutionalized beauty and style channels on YouTube. From her charismatic personality and ever loving charm. Millions have flocked to her inspiring videos to hear her enchanting instructions in her professional tips on beauty and female empowerment.

At its peak, the Michelle Phan channel reached as far as No.9 on the countdown. She has been nominated for six Channel Awards and won 4! Including 'Best Contemporary Style Channel' and 'Best Female Personality'.

This week we welcome another Beauty guru. Kandee Johnson. Make-up artist for film and television who created a YouTube channel to produce videos that showcase herself being transformed into characters and celebrities such as Snow White, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Willie Robertson, and Edward Scissorhands by means of make-up.

Kandee Johnson debuts at No.115 on the HOT 200 Channels.

Speaking of new channels. This month, Screenchart! will be added two new channels to the countdown.

December 12 2016 - 'Superwoman' Tops Hot 200 Chart For The First Time

Major YouTube star Superwoman ascends to No. 1 on Screenchart! Hot 200 chart with a little push from her viral hit video with Liza Koshy "What Clubbing Is Actually Like" which masses over 7 million views.

Lilly Singh , is an Indo-Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker, and comedian. She has also taken part in rapping and film acting. After beginning her channel in October 2010, her videos have gathered over 703 million views and her channel has over 5.7 million subscribers. She is particularly known for her satirical takes on everyday life. Her fans are known as Team Super.

Nov 29 2016 - 'Wassabi Productions' Tops HOT 200 Channels For The First Time

'Wassabi Productions' secures the No. 1 position on this week’s Screenchart! HOT 200 chart. For months, the channel narrowly missed the top spot and peaked at No.2 multiple times. Wassabi Productions is a comedy channel on YouTube created by Roi Fabito. Alexander Burriss soon joined after. They are mostly known for their Parodies of Music Videos. In January 2016, Roi decided to leave Wassabi Productions in order to pursue his other passions, especially on his Gaming Channel, Guava Juice.

The Screenchart HOT 200 chart ranks the most watched channels of the week based total video views.

Nov 6 2016 - 'Epic Rap Battles' returns to No.1 position on HOT 200, 'Gaming Wildlife' enters countdown, The Channel Awards 4 official categories announced

For the first time since 2014, historically based music channel, 'Epic Rap Battles Of History' gains it's fifth No.1 peak on the HOT 200 Channels countdown. Stemming from their most recent viral video hit: "Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton", the Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist hit series jumped from 6 - 1 this week, overtaking 'Wassabi Productions' and pushing 'Casey Neistat' from 1-3.

Topical gaming channel 'Gaming Wildlife' enters the HOT 200 Channels chart at No. 159. 'Gaming Wildlife' is a video game culture channel and provides commentary around the industry. Their longest-running series is "If ___ Were 100% Honest With Us."

The Channel Awards 4 will be in February 2017, honoring the achievements of content creators of the year. There is no entry by submission, rather here at Screenchart, I review every video from channels that appears on the HOT 200 countdown until December 31st 11:59pm, where they are then sorted and placed into the following official categories for nomination purposes.

Below are a list and a brief summary of all 22 categories.

  1. Best Male Personality (For the male individual and owner of channel)
  2. Best Male Performer (For the guest actor or appearance other than the channel owner)
  3. Best Female Personality (For the female individual and owner of channel)
  4. Best Female Performer (For the guest actress or appearance other than the channel owner)
  5. Best Duo, Group or Collaboration (For a collection of individuals who is featured at least 40% throughout the video)
  6. Best Musical Performance (For originally based songs with accompanied music video)
  7. Best Special Class Channel (For content comprises of mixed format or segments that do not fall into other established categories)
  8. Best Contemporary Lifestyle Channel (For content comprises of beauty advice, style tutorial, arts and craft modifications, or local environmental enhancements)
  9. Best Special Interest Channel (For content comprises of pop culture news, trending current events, informative opinions, and product reviews)
  10. Best Educational/Learning Channel (For channels that promotes knowledge, values, beliefs, habits and storytelling)
  11. Best Short Subject Series (For a continuous series on a channel that produces a clear subject or topic)
  12. Best Mini Series or Short Film (For a non-continuous long format video on a channel that produces a clear subject or topic)
  13. Best Parody- New Approaches (For a video with new direction of an original content or an existing topic or subject)
  14. Best Production Design (For a video with notable achievement in makeup, costumes, set designs, graphics or cinematography)
  15. Best Video Blog (For content comprises of personal affairs, matters, experiences, and adventure)
  16. Best Editing (For achievement in selection of video scenes and visual effects )
  17. Best Writing (For achievement in script writing)
  18. Best Directing (For achievement in exhibiting overall production of a video)
  19. Best Video (For the most notable outstanding video of the year )
  20. Best Channel (For the most notable outstanding channel of the year. Must have another currently nominated work )
  21. Best Feature (NEW! For a series or film where content creator(s) is the main aspect in acting, writing or directing of the film or series. Digital formats only )
  22. Best World Channel (NEW! For most notable international channel)
Aug 28 2016 - 'Thio Joe' enters HOT 200 Channels, 'Dane Boe' removed from countdown and potential new channel awards categories

'Thio Joe' tongue in cheek "technology" channel makes it debut on the HOT 200 Channels chart this week, coming in at No.69. Hosted by Joe, the 'Thio Joe' YouTube channel is filled with satire and hilarious nonsense tutorials, mostly at the expense of skeptics. Began in February 2009 the channel recently crossed the one million subscribers mark earlier this month.

Long time YouTube Channel 'Dane Boe' has seen his final week appearing on the countdown. After 5 months of inactivity, the creator of the popular 'Annoying Orange' Dane Boedigheimer personal channel will no longer appear on the countdown. At the height of the channel's popularity, it peaked at No.28. Screenchart considers a channel abandoned after months of no uploads from their last video, and is withdrawn from the countdown.

There may be new award categories coming next year for the Channel Awards. Discussion for categories like 'Best Feature', in response to shows available on 'YouTube Red', and 'Best Foreign Channel' for channels existing outside the United States has already been recommended. IF these are approved they will mostly be included among other new categories that have already been on the table. The annual Channel Awards is hosted every February on

Aug 8 2016 - 'Charles Alatorre' and 'Senior GumBoy' enters HOT 200 Channels

On the most recent Hot 200 channels chart, 'Unbox Therapy' spent a 2nd non-consecutive week at No.1 while 'Charles Alatorre' arrives at No.197 and 'Senior GumBoy' comes in at No.180

Canadian YouTuber 'Senior GumBoy' is a comedian that has over 55,000 subscribers after launching his channel in 2010. His videos showcase the hilarious truth of his Jamaican lifestyle.

YouTube content creator with a self-titled main channel who has found success creating videos focusing on relationships between guys and girls. He launched his first and main channel on October 20, 2009. He often collaborates with his friend and fellow YouTuber Travie Williams, AKA TravieBASED.

July 24 2016 - 'FouseyTube' returns to the top on the HOT 200. '3rd Party Content' restricted on countdown

For the first time in over a year, prankster 'FouseyTube', has returned to the number one spot on the HOT 200 Channels. The imperial drama that surrounds the popular YouTube star and the launch of his 'Roman vs Fousey' tour with the award winning Roman Atwood helped launch 'Fousey' to the summit of the countdown after siting at No.2 a week before. 'FouseyTube' is the most talk about channel right now and this year is set to be a huge one for the '#MakeYouTubePositiveAgain' star. He has many projects working in progress including a new movie where he is set to star in "Boo! A Madea Halloween" alongside director Tyler Perry, opening this Fall. The first time 'FouseyTube' topped the chart was back in September of 2014 after his viral "MORTAL KOMBAT ELEVATOR PRANK!" prank video. .

New guidelines are in place for channels entering the countdown. There is now a restriction for channels classified as '3rd Party Content' from entering the countdown. These are channels that generate their content from other people's videos. This includes 'drama channels', 'rant channels' and 'reaction channels'. Channels with original, creative and unique content have a better chance to be listed on the countdown. This restriction is implemented to help reduce the 'mob mentality' of viewers which attack channels after being featured and protect creators whose videos are highlighted on these kind of channels that take advantage or go beyond the fair use law. This restriction does not affect current channels that may fit this description and are active on the HOT 200 Channels chart nor will it prevent any new channels that is voted upon in the monthly open 'Listed' poll.

July 7 2016 - 'Unbox Therapy' leads the HOT 200 Channels at No.1 for the first time!

'Unbox Therapy', an unboxing product-based channel for technology and gadgets, pulls ahead of 'RCLBeauty' and 'Casey Neistat' to the summit of the HOT 200 Channels countdown this week, for claiming the most watched channel title of last week .

This is 'Unbox Therapy' first week at No.1 on the countdown after peaking many times inside the top 10.

The channel has always done well with numbers, where the majority of videos clocking well beyond 1M views. But it was this week's viral video entitled "This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?" may have given the channel the pushed it needed to be the most watched channel of last week.

July 4 2016 - 'RiceGum' lands big debut on HOT 200 Channels. 'Ian Eastwood' pulled from chart. Chart Editor Becomes More Personal.

Controversial roast artist Bryan Le also known as the popular 'RiceGum' enters the HOT 200 Countdown for the first time. Landing inside the top 20 at an impressive No. 16! RiceGum, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, best known for his “This Kid Must Be Stopped” series, in which he roasts adolescents, most often users of the site This is the first time that Screenchart! allowed a somewhat 'react' channel onto it's countdown. As the growing trend of YouTuber viewers change, the countdown must also reflect this also. With a strong following of subscribers and numbers, it is predicted that 'Rice Gum' will enter the top 10 sometime this month.

Mean while, Lead Choreographer Ian Eastwood has left the HOT 200 countdown after lenghtly months of inactivity (Screenchart removes channels with no uploads after five months of the last video). His self titled YouTube Channel peaked at NO.118. Even though the channel never cracked into the Top 100, he was nominated in 2015 for a Channel Award for "Best Mini Series or Short Film" for his video series "The *Progress Report". As a dancer for such profile acts like Justin Beiber we're sure Eastwood for have no trouble finding further success!

Meanwhile Screenchart! editor has gotten personal on twitter. Rhen Joseph introduce himself onto the social media this weekend. This is an attempt to make the site and it's services a bit more sociably, approachable and interactive with visitors and dedicated followers. Look forward for more open communication between the end users and the friendly editor :).

May 22 2016 - 'Random Structure TV' strong debut on HOT 200 Channels. 'JacksGap' pulled from chart. Prank Channels limited to be included on countdown.

'Random Structure TV' joins this week HOT 200 Countdown! Comedian Cameron J stars on the channel that focuses on sketches with hilarious over the top characters including the very animated 'Starrkeisha'. Since joining the YouTube platform in 2009, 'Random Structure TV' as earned over 500,000 subscribers. The channels debuts at No.43.

As one channel enters the countdown, another one departs. Unfortunately it's the popular dynamic twin duo 'JacksGap'. After 5 months of inactivity Screenchart! has decided to pull the channel by Jack and Finn Harries from the chart. ‘JacksGap’ is a British YouTube channel that has more than 4 million subscribers. Originally created by Jack Harries to document his gap-year in mid-2011, the channel experienced a rapid increase in popularity after the addition of Finn Harries as a regular contributor. In 2015 Finn moved to New York City to study Design and Architecture for three and a half years. During it's run on the HOT 200 Countdown, 'JacksGap' peaked at No.20 and has been nominated for 4 Channel Awards including for one as recently in 2016 for their case study on 'Casey Neistat' for Best Directing. In 2014 they won two Channel Awards.

Screenchart! will aggressively screen further prank channels before allowance to enter it's countdowns. This stems from a recent ethical and moral change in the terms of service on the website. Prank channels currently on the countdown will have no effect.

May 3 2016 - 'Jae Richards ' on HOT 200 Channels. New channels added to GREATER AUDIENCE chart

'Jae Richards' enters the HOT 200 Countdown at No. 197! As one fourth of the hit YouTube group channel; '4YallEntertainment' (Peak No.48). Jermaine Richards personal YouTube channel is his very own video blog about his every day life experiences. So far the self proclaimed "Lorde Lightskin" channel has gathered over 120,000 subscribers since launching it in 2009.

Look out for new channels appearing on the HOT 100 Gaming Channel. Over on the Greater Audience chart, things are about to get interseller as new channels being added to the countdown includes Starwars, SpaceX and NASA YouTube channels.

Apr 17 2016 - 'Unbox Therapy' and 'Drama Alert' enters Top 10 on HOT 200 Channels. Statement on Toby Turner

'Unbox Therapy' lands at No.3 this week on the HOT 200 Countdown while the 'PewDiePie' shaming, 'Drama Alert' jumps 22 spots to No.7. This is the fist time both channels have landing into the top tier of the countdown since their debuts. 'Drama Alert' the most recent addition to the countdown has been praised and criticized by some as a whistle blower inside the YouTube community. Earlier this week popular gamer 'PewDiePie'(peak No.1/Games) slam channels that focus on drama as 'stepping over other people lives for YouTube fame'. Keemstar the host of 'Drama Alert' responded in a series tweets and videos saying "There are different types of content than PewDiePies'"

In other news, as the 'Toby Turner' (peak No.4/HOT200) scandal continues to progress and more information has been released, Screenchart! has not yet made a formative decision on whether to remove his channel from the HOT 200 Chart. Across all three of this channels, his subscribers has been fluctuating but other than his gaming channel no noticeable effect has taken place. We will continue to monitor this situation.

Apr 3 2016 - 'Meg Deangelis' debuts on HOT 200 Countdown, Gaming Channel Chart Launches

'Meg Deangelis' joins the HOT 200 Countdown! Popular YouTuber whose videos focus on fashion and lifestyle topics such as getting ready in the morning and makeup on her channel 'MayBaby', which has earned more than 4.8 million subscribers. She first joined the YouTube world in 2008. She loves to act, sing, and, of course, perform for her loyal YouTube subscribers. Her self title channel debuts at No.41

Screenchart! launches their brand new countdown; The HOT 100 Gaming Channels. This chart focuses on popular gaming channels in the community. It will be updated every Sunday and include a new gaming channel ever month. 'PewDiePie' is the first No.1 channel of the week.

You can check out the new Gaming Channel here:

Mar 27 2016 - ‘Drama Alert’ makes it debut on HOT 200. Gaming Chart To Debut Next week

One of the fastest growing YouTube channels this year, ‘Drama Alert’ hosted by the controversial Daniel Keem a.k.a. Keemstar, is now listed on the HOT 200 Chart. Known for being a gamer on YouTube and Twitch - Keemstar’s channel 'Drama Alert’ quickly surpass 1 million subscribers earlier this year. The channel is considered to be the #1 Drama Channel for social networking news. 'Drama Alert’ debuts at No.31

Screenchart! new gaming chart will be published next week on The first 100 channels from the gaming community has been filled and the chart will be known as “HOT 100 Gaming Channels”. Just like the HOT 100 chart, one new channel will be added every month.

In other news 'Good Mythical Morning’ made it’s move to the Greater Audience chart this week and lands at a strong No.13.

Mar 20 2016 - 'Good Mythical Morning' ends it's reign on HOT 200 Countdown, Sweep Week begins

One of the beloved YouTube Channel will retire from the HOT 200 Countdown - this being it's last week. After spending 41 weeks on top of the chart, ' Good Mythical Morning' has exhausted it's claim at the number one position . Not to worry, the YouTube Channel will still appear on Screenchart's other chart - 'Greater Audiences' and will make it's debut next week. This come as a bitter sweet moment for hosts of the show Rhett and Link, with no more channels appearing on the HOT 200, as their main self titled YouTube Channel 'Rhett and Link' was removed from countdown early last year for lack of activity. The two had been focusing on the successful Morning format topic channel which has earned five Channel Awards nominations including one for Best Channel in 2015.

Just as retired channels like 'The Fine Bros' and 'Smosh' before it - 'Good Mythical Morning' channel, personalities and videos are still eligible for award consideration.

In other news, Screenchart! tri-monthly week long event 'Sweep Week' begins this Sunday. Where all channel are reviewed and may have their network affiliation and channel names updated if applicable. Also, their videos are reviewed for award consideration.

Mar 11 2016 - 'Geography Now' channel debuts on HOT 200 Channels

One of the newest education YouTube channel, 'Geography Now!' is attempting to cover every country in the world. It debuts at No.144. 'Geography Now!' is a YouTube American documentary series about the history of each country in the world, hosted by Paul Barbato.

Feb 20 2016 - Channel Awards Pulls Category, New Chart Update Consideration, Gamming Channels Countdown To Begin Soon

Now that this year's Channel Awards are over, next year's awards will have a slight change. At least for one category. Screenchart! has decided to pull the "Best Hidden Camera" (formerly "Best Hidden Camera Or Unscripted Channel") Award from further award announcements. "Over the past year it has become increasingly difficult to validate the authenticity of (prank) videos from this category that we recognized. Therefore we have decided to discontinue this category and merge future nominations under the 'Best Special Class Channel' section". [Editor]. As more and more prank channels become mainstream, the morals of some of the videos have become in question, whether it be a practical extreme prank involving weapons and threats, or being exposed as acting. Two years ago Screenchart! made a decision to pull prankster, Sam Pepper's Channel from it's HOT 200 countdown after the outcry from one of his videos which developed into a huge scandal that cast a shadow on prank videos going too far. Still, prank channels remain to be some of the most viewed channels on YouTube. Next year awards won't prevent or exclude any eligible pranksters to be nominated - it only removes that dedicated category from future awards events.

Last year November, Screenchart! announced an extension to the number of weeks at No.1 on the HOT 200 Channels a channel may have. They increased the weeks from 35 to 41. Now that limit may be removed entirely, unless under certain conditions. The reason limited weeks at No.1 was imposed the first place, was to prevent huge You Tubers from dominating the chart. This move, retired 'Smosh' and 'The Fine Bros' from the top spot, after capturing the No.1 spot for months. Now with the launch of the 'Greater Audience' chart they have been given entry unto that chart, where they compete with channels with the same viewers range. But what about the other channels on the HOT 200? Many are still not nearly as close of having large number of weekly views like 'Smosh' but - is it fair that they still follow the maximum weeks at No.1 rule? Today, the difference between the views of no.1 and no.2 on the countdown is a very slim margin. Which means the competition is very fair. Editors believe that channels at no.1 should have no restrictions unless it displays an advantage in terms of weekly view count between the top 4 channels. Screenchart! Will make a decision to eliminate the rule when the current reigning No.1 channel "Good Mythical Morning" exhausted it's maximum 41 weeks.

Finally, the Gaming Channel chart will began to collect data from channels starting this Sunday. For the next few weeks Screenchart! will survey YouTube for the most popular gaming channels. So far, there are no criteria on what exactly they are looking for or how many positions on the new chart, but personalities like 'PewDiePie' and 'Markiplier' are expected to make the list. - See more at:

Feb 14 2016 - 'Barely Productions' wins top prizes at the CHANNEL AWARDS Awards

'Barely Productions' (formerly Barely Political 2007-2015) won big at this year's CHANNEL Awards, winning Best Channel, Best Parody - New Approaches for "Adele - Hello (Parody!) Key of Awesome #103", and Best Writing for 'Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron NEW Trailer Voice Over!'.

Brittany Furlan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were some of the night's early winners at the Fan's awards show, with Furlan winning Best Female Performance for her role in Life According To Jimmy "How to Have Sex on a Plane" and Gordon-Levitt winning Best Male Performance for Todrick Hall "You Unfollowed Me ".

Epic Rap Battles Of History also won in multiple categories on Sunday, including Best Musical Performance and Best Video for "Deadpool vs Boba Fett. Epic Rap Battles of History - Bonus Battle!". In all, it earned three nominations but got shut out for Best Channel (which it won last year). Rocket Jump also earned two awards, winning for Best Mini Series or Short Film and Best Directing for "World's Biggest Ballpit PRANK! (ft. Roman Atwood)". The Philip DeFranco Show retook the same awards won the year before including: Best Male Personality and Best Special Interest Channel.

Jorge Munoz, Joshua Santos, David Alvarez won Best Duo, Group or Collaboration. Santos and Alvarez had two nods among the individual fields.

Rosanna Pansino was named Best Special Class Channel, her second win for the category, and Whatever, a prank/entertainment channel, earned Best Hidden Camera Channel. Michelle Phan won Best Contemporary Style/Lifestyle Channel.

See the full list of winners and nominees by clicking here.

Feb 10 2016 - 'LEMMiNO' debuts on HOT 200 Channels, New countdown 'Greater Audience' returns

Informative entertainment channel, 'Lemmino' (2M subscribers) enters the HOT 200 Channels countdown at No.74. The Sweden content creator created the channel in February 2012.

The 'Greater Audience' countdown returns to Screenchart! after it's beta launch two years ago. The chart makes an unprecedented return with a few new upgrades including disclosing the number of views each channel conjured up from the previous week. The chart is a well received, as former NO.1 YouTubers from the HOT 200 chart, Smosh (No.9) and The Fine Bros (No.26) make their big return to countdown. The latter under poor circumstances - still a good debut. This chart showcases YouTube Channels created by companies, brands and services, TV shows and networks. The Ellen Show debuts at No.1 on the inaugural chart with 67 million views. The chart operates the same as the HOT 200 where it is published weekly - on Sundays. However two major differences; there are only 100 positions filled and channel names and network affiliation will be updated only twice a year. This is because, there is expected to be less of a change throughout the year unlike Content Creator's YouTube Channels.

The 'Greater Audience' chart is the first of four new charts expected to launch this year. The other three are 'Gaming' 'Muscle and Fitness' and 'Music'. The official names of these charts are yet to be official.

Jan 31 2016 - 'Casey Neistat' climbs to No. 1 on the HOT 200 Channels

Thanks to the snow ball effect (pun intended) of his latest viral video "Snowboarding With The NYPD", Casey Neistat blog channel top this week's HOT 200 Channels countdown! From CNN and multiple news outlets and talk shows, this video of vlogger Neistat skiing from the back of a car in New York after the huge snow blizzard that hit the northeast last week went world wide viral.

The video, and follow up videos, including a behind the scenes take - gives Casey another one of his viral hit videos and his first No.1 week ontop the countdown.

Casey Neistat debuted on the chart in October 2015.

Jan 19 2016 - 'Barely Productions' leads The 3rd Annual Channel Awards Nominations.

Voters showered “Barely Productions” (formerly “Barely Political”) with honors this week, including a Best Channel nomination.

Three more channels joined “Barely Productions” and “Rocket Jump” as nominees for the top prize: “Matthew Santoro,” “Epic Rap Battles Of History,” and “Fine Bros Entertainment.”

Here’s a complete list of the Channel Awards nominees.

“Barely Productions,” a comedy channel by Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, Bryan Olsen, and director Tom Small, drew 11 nominations in total — the most of any Channels. Double nominations came in categories like Best Parody – New Approaches and Best Musical Performance.

With 5 nominations, “Rocket Jump,” by Jimmy Wong, an American filmmaker, was the second-most-honored channel, but most of its support came from technical areas, like Best Directing, and Best Mini Series or Short Film. Next came “Jacks Films,” with four nods, although the channel was excluded from the Best Channel award.

The acting groups were peppered with familiar faces. Philip DeFranco, Ryan Higa and Michael Buckley came away with their second nominations for Best Male Personality. They will be competing against new nominees to the category: Miles Jai Wilson and Vincent Cyr.

Colleen Ballinger, now a four-time nominee, is nominated again this year for Best Female Personality, which she previously won for her persona 'Maranda'. This time it's for herself. Joining Ballinger in the category are Ingrid Nilsen, Jenna Marbles, Natalie Tran and Rachel Levin.

Winners for the Channel Awards 3 will be annouced online February 14 on

Dec 14 2015 - Channel Awards 3 Date Announced.

Mark your calendars, Sunday February 14th the winners of the 2016 Channel Awards will be revealed online on The date has been pushed a month earlier to be closer to the start of the brand new year. Nominations are announced within the first 2-3 weeks of January!

Dec 8 2015 - Daniel Fernandez makes debut on HOT 200 Channels.

Magician and prankster Daniel Fernandz debuts on the HOT 200 Chart at No.162. After joining YouTube in Jun 9, 2009, Fernandez has gathered over 570.000 subscribers and 62 million views! Welcome to the family!

Nov 21 2015 - Retirement Weeks At No.1 Increased!

After much consideration, Screnchart! is happy to announce that the retirement of weeks a channel could rank at the top of the HOT 200 Channels chart has extended from 35 to 41 weeks. This six week increase is a result of monitoring the countdown and found that the playfield has become much fairer since big YouTbers, such as 'Smosh' and 'The Fine Bros' have already retired from the chart. This is also a great opportunity for other channels to enter within the top tier of the chart. The countdown is based on weekly views per channel. This extentsion won't take place until the Winter Sweeps which is December 22.

Nov 8 2015 - 'Prank Vs Prank' narrowly misses No.1 position from 'Good Mythical Morning'

Pranksters Jesse and Jeana 'Prank Vs Prank' channel leaps to it's new peak at No.2, simply missing the No.1 spot from 'Good Mythical Morning' by just a few 100'000 views. At least for this current weak. This jump is a result from their massive viral video "ALADDIN MAGIC CARPET PRANK " video. Casey Neistat, who directed the video, also saw huge increase on his own channel - pushing it into the Top 10!

Nov 1 2015 - 'Good Mythical Morning' spends a 25th week at No.1

'Good Mythical Morning' begins a second week in a row at No.1 making it a total of 25 weeks. Editors are considering making the No.1 reign a bit longer since the competition has now become balance now that older channels have retired. Speaking of retired channels. Inactive channels where no videos were posted for at least 5 months at one point - will now returned to the charts. Not the HOT 200 Channels but the new Total Video Countdown chart. With this chart there is no expiration periods. However we only feature the top 10 portion of the chart. Look out for former channels like 'DeStorm' and 'KassemG' to possibly make a return soon.

Oct 25 2015 - 'Rclbeauty101' reaches No.2 on Hot 200 Chart

Rachel Levin of 'Rclbeauty101' YouTube Channel may soon become the first female to reach the summit of the HOT 200 Countdown! With the exception of Jeana, one half of the 'BFvsGF' channel which has gathered a few No.1 peaks, Rachel may be the first solo content creator to do so.

Oct 18 2015 - Roman Atwood Pranks tops HOT 200 Countdown

Thanks to his latest extreme prank that grossed over 7+ million views in a week. Roman Atwood Pranks return to the top of the HOT 200 Channels countdown. This being his 5th time, is his second NO.1 peak this year. The first being in January after his viral "Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!" video.

Oct 17 2015 - Channel Awards 3 is schedule for an earlier date

Rather than a March date. The winners for next year 3rd annual Screenchart! Channel Awards is gearing up for a earlier date announcement. By at least a month. Editors are working for a Late February date with nominations announced in mid to late January.

Oct 4 2015 - Mystic Got Jokes earns FIRST No.1 peak!

After racing up the HOT 200 Countdown this year, Pranster "Mystic Got Jokes" reached the summit of the chart with his first No.1 peak.

Oct 4 2015 - Casey Neistat makes strong debut on chart

Casey Neistat lands at No.13 on his inaugural run on the HOT 200!

File 2015 - 'Smosh' joins 'The Fine Bros Productions' as HOT 200 Channels retiree

Gone but not forgotten. Two channels have peaked at the No.1 position on the Hot 200 Channels countdown and were retired under the 35 No.1 peak rule. "The Fine Bros" / "Smosh" See our terms for more informaiton.